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Curiosity Crescent: An Audrey Amaka Story (Book 2)

$12.98 - On Sale

Written & Illustrated by Brent Vernon

Towering waterfalls, cosmic events, artistic honey bees, and so much more! Curiosity Crescent, with its strange and magnificent wonders, was the one place that "Neckless" Audrey Amaka dreamed of visiting. But when her dream came true, Audrey and her friends found themselves facing a big decision.

Put on your hiking boots (or sparkly blue heels) and join Audrey as she learns the importance of obedience and responsibility!

Retail: $13.98
SALE: $12.98

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The Audrey Amaka stories are...

...Fully illustrated

...Hardback books with a Spot UV cover layer

...32 pages long, taking 12-15 minutes to read


...Fun! Besides the funny and heartfelt stories, children can find surprises hidden in the illustrations

...Ideal for readers ages 7-11

...Ideal for reading to younger children (ages 4-6)

...Ideal for anyone who loves hilarious, heartwarming, and beautifully illustrated storybooks!