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The Audrey Amaka Storybook Set


All three Audrey Amaka stories for one low price!

The Audrey Amaka stories are...

...Fully illustrated

...Hardback books with a Spot UV cover layer

...32 pages long, taking 12-15 minutes to read


...Fun! Besides the funny and heartfelt stories, children can find surprises hidden in the illustrations

...Educational! In the back of each book is a list of interesting facts relating to the story*

...Ideal for readers ages 7-11

...Ideal for reading to younger children (ages 4-6)

...Ideal for anyone who loves hilarious, heartwarming, and beautifully illustrated storybooks!

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*The OkapiCat and revised editions of Neckless and Curiosity Crescent. Revised editions will be used in book sets ordered from this website.